8 Reasons You Need A Coach

Think about all the greats who ever achieved anything. The one thing they all have in common is they had a coach or a mentor. Every famous athlete, musician, performer or business person has a coach.

“People who have a tight network of positive human bonds exhibit greater life satisfaction and better emotional and physical health"

Coaches vary in their forms whether they are athletic coaches, life coaches, business or career coaches but the way they work is all very similar. A coach is someone who can help you create an action plan for achieving your goal and support you along the way. Here are 8 ways that a positive relationship with a great coach can help you smash your goals. .

  1. Accountability – Knowing someone is going to check up on you is sometimes all the push you need to start taking action towards your goals. Essentially we can’t keep ourselves accountable to everything we do. Every day have to be keep ourselves accountable to turn up to work, to do the housework, to take the kids to school and sometimes that is all the accountability we can manage in a day. When you use a coach you outsource the accountability to another, meaning you can focusing on the doing knowing someone is going to be checking up on you.

  2. Discipline – Like accountability our discipline is limited. We can only be discipline in a limited area of our lives. It is really difficult to maintain discipline in all the areas of our lives that we would need to be discipline in in order to achieve our goals and reach our highest potential.

  3. Road map - Having a path to follow makes even the most difficult and confronting tasks seem more manageable. It allows you to focus just on that one step rather than the potentially daunting thought of looking at the big goal.

  4. Snowball Effect – One of the best things about taking action and being discipline in one area of your life is the transference into other areas. Ever noticed when you start exercising eating healthy becomes easier or you are more motivated to eat healthier? Or when you are exercising you naturally become more organised during the day? It is because of the snowball effect. We realise we can do that one thing so we tend to expand that into other areas of our lives and thus become superhuman (not quite but close haha).

  5. Save time and money – When try to do it for yourself (whatever 'it' is) we tend to take a much longer processes, we do things that may not work out, we buy products we may not actually need or use, download programs we may not actually follow. A coach streamlines everything and gives you a smooth process to follow meaning you will arrive faster and by spending less money in the long run.

  6. Identify blind spots - Ever felt like you’ve been stuck on an issue that you just cannot resolve in your own head, then as soon as talked it out with a friend either the answer magically appeared yourself or maybe your friend said one little insignificant thing that triggered a cascade of answers for you? That is how a coach helps. They help shine a mirror back on you so YOU can work out what is happening in your life and why then give you the steps to change it.

  7. Getting out of your comfort zone - We all have psychological limits, our bodies tell us to STOP any time we perceive something as difficult or scary. This is what stopped us from being killed in our cavemen days. However now it is exercise or eating healthy that becomes the difficult and scary task. Or maybe it is taking your career to the next level. Whatever it is – no doubt it is going to be difficult and there is going to be some level of fear. Our brains are WIRED to stop us from doing anything difficult, our brains want us to have a cruisey time and will do the best in their power to stop you. So what does this mean? Your brain will come up with a million and 1 excuses as to why you need to stop now, why you need to take a rest during the exercise, why you need to have the chocolate bar, why you deserve to eat that whole packet and why you shouldn't go for your goals. Having a coach can help you recognise these fears for what they are and help push beyond the limits you would normally be held back by.

  8. Boost confidence - A coach provides the motivation, support and cheer squat you need to help you reach your goal. Remember when you were learning math at junior school and your mum would tell you how much of a good job you were doing? That is how a coach works. There to boost your confidence and motivate you when times are tough so that you can persevere with confidence, despite any challenges.

Even being a coach myself I use coaches – why?! Because I cannot remain accountable and discipline in all areas of my life without the support of others. For the exact reasons above, I put my money where my mouth is and invest in people who support me to achieve my goals in fitness and life.


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