• Are you confused and overwhelmed by what is triggering your gut upset?

  • Are you embarrassed, anxious and frustrated that your bowels are dictating your life?

  • Have you been diagnosed with IBS and are unsure about the best treatment for you?

  • Has your Doctor suggested a low FODMAP diet and you’ve got no idea how to do it properly?

  • Do you need to lose weight but are overwhelmed, confused and lacking the support to make consistent change?

  • Do you need support, guidance and accountability to stay on track and achieve your health and fitness goals?

  • Have you been diagnosed with coeliac disease, hypothalamic amenorrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, endometriosis or PCOS and want to learn more about how diet can help you?

I can help you! Together we will develop a plan which educates and empowers you to make change, leaving you feeling free from debilitating symptoms and reaching your goals. I meet you where you are at and support and guide you along the journey. It isn’t about quick fixes or short term solutions, whatever your concern I will help you to develop a sustainable and practical approach that won’t leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, restricted and deprived. I offer consultations in Bondi Junction, Sydney or online consultations worldwide!