12 Month EARLY BIRD Members Only Discount

12 Month EARLY BIRD Members Only Discount


12 Month Exclusive Early Bird Discount to your Online Nutrition Hub - THE NUTRITION EDITION

The Nutrition Edition is an online newsletter subscription and community for Dietitians & Nutritionists. I know how time consuming it can be to stay up to date in nutrition and I also know just how much pressure there is to be evidence based in a world where nutrition knowledge is being shared by every man and their dog.

But don’t you forget that YOU ARE THE EXPERT. The Nutrition Edition community and subscription has been specifically designed to support you to:

1) Be confident in your expertise but providing you with a supportive community to discuss matters, share ideas, and support one another and

2) Expand your expertise by providing you with the latest in nutrition research and keep you across everything in the media when it comes to nutrition

What’s Included - 12 Months Access to:

  • Weekly emails with original research papers on a variety of nutrition topics so you can stay up to date or create your own evidence based content or materials.

  • Weekly wrap up of nutrition in the media so that you are aware of the latest diets/trends/fads or research so you can stay in front of the diet trends rather than be caught out not knowing.

  • Stay on top of PD events with notifications about upcoming events in nutrition - not limited to DAA events. Anything we think might help you grow professionally we will make sure you know about it. Nutrition, psychology, coaching, and more.

  • Supportive Online Community of like minded dietitians and nutritionists. Each week we will be discussing a different topic so you can see how others in the profession are working, discuss ideas, share thoughts and most importantly feel supported by your peers.

And for my final promise to you - THIS WILL NEVER BE SPONSORED CONTENT. The reason this is a paid subscription is s o that I can promise you that you will not come under the biases that come with sponsored content. The nutrition industry gets enough flak for being supported by big business so I don’t want to deliver you research funded by brands to push a certain idea. This is completely unbiased nutrition research so that you feel you are really getting the picture and can grow beyond what you thought was possible in your nutrition expertise.

See you on the inside!!!!

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