Intermittent Fasting: Evidence Based e-Guide

Intermittent Fasting: Evidence Based e-Guide


This e-book is a complete summary of intermittent fasting. Created because I could not find a single summary on the internet that accurately (without the BS) described the pros and cons of fasting in a concise and practical manner. The guide contains 26 pages packed with education information and practical tips answering ALL your intermittent fasting questions.

  • What are the benefits and what does the research say?

  • Who should avoid fasting and should women fast?

  • Will it improve my gut health?

  • If I exercise regularly, should I still fast?

  • What is the best fasting window and how long do I need to fast for?

  • What is considered breaking the fast?


  • Sample meal plan

  • Step-by-step implementation guide

  • Meal ideas for your first meal

  • Extensive list of all the FAQ’s sent through from you on fasting

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