“I contacted Marika after many years of failed attempts at sorting out my IBS and gut issues. I was inspired by Marika’s sensible and evidence-based approach to health and nutrition. After my first consult, I knew I had made the right choice and appreciated that she not only tied in the food/diet aspects of IBS but also other factors such as stress, mindset and lifestyle. Working with Marika, has also provided me with greater insight to help me understand my symptoms better which has helped reduce a lot of fear and has given me confidence that I can get my life (and gut!) back on track. I also appreciated having Marika’s support during the process and she was quick to answer any questions I had. My only regret is that I did not contact Marika a few years ago, as it would have spared me a lot of time and discomfort!”

Casey, Online Client

“I came to Marika extremely stressed and confused about food. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by social media, celebrity diets and what my friends were doing. I just couldn't figure out what I needed to be focused on. I had also been recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and felt really down about my body. I felt constantly stressed, tired and had anxiety over food and my weight. Marika has changed all of that for me.

Marika has taught me how to focus on my own journey. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. We began by unpacking everything that was going on in my life and from there, decided how best to manage not only my eating, but my stress, sleep, mindfulness and training. She gets rid of all the nonsense and focuses on your needs. No cookie cutter meal plan or cutting out entire food groups. Marika really hears what you need and makes a professional assessment based on her extensive knowledge”

Ella, Sydney